Festival … Im Raum Flamenco 2013 – Summary

The first Festival for Contemporary Flamenco in Vienna took place IM RAUM FLAMENCO in August 2013. Here is a short summary of what happened during this 5 days festival in Vienna

It contained everything that a festival should contain:

Here you can find details:

the Workshops of the festival (in german): WORKSHOPS im Raum Flamenco 2013

the Program (Concerts) of the Festival (in german): COCERTS and TALK im Raum Flamenco 2013

Press-Coverage of the Festival (TV, Radio, Print): PRESS COVERAGE im Raum Flamenco 2013

Fotos by Ernst Grünwald: FOTOS im Raum Flamenco

(a full documentation, thoughts, blogposts can be found here: Archive: Festival…im Raum Flamenco 2013)