About … im Raum Flamenco

In Flamenco Space / En el espacio flamenco

„In Flamenco Space“ or „im Raum Flamenco“ offers time/space for ideas and presentations (workshops, shows, encounters,…) circling around and in the framework of FLAMENCO.

I have created this time/space after four years of organizing workshops and Concerts with amazing Flamenco-artists that both are grounded in tradition and history and continuously challenge Flamenco, it´s borders, rules, history. (Juan Carlos Lérida, Belén Maya, Niurca Marquez,…)

„Im Raum Flamenco“ was inaugurated with the first Festival for Contemporary Flamenco in Vienna 2013 and continues, of course.

Here is the link to the „Festival… im Raum Flamenco 2013 / summary“

Here is the link to the second edition: ZWEI…IM RAUM FLAMENCO

Here is the link to Chloé Brulé / Sascha Krausneker … im Raum Flamenco

Here is the link to WIR…IM RAUM FLAMENCO (12.12.2015)

Here is the link to Choreographiewerkstatt „Urbane Rituale“… im Raum Flamenco (Dec. 2017)

Here is the link to Verbieten verboten… im Raum Flamenco (July 2017)